Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I do not understand how we can even plan a multimillion dollar gift to Pakistan, a land where Queda and Taliban, on the border of Afghanistan, are determined to destroy democracy . It would be like throwing tax dollars in a garbage can.

This is a place which faces threats from Islamic hordes, where crime and greed supersede law and order, where politicos and tribal chiefs support enemies of democracies.

With all the taxes that it takes to try to make Iraq like the U.S.A., the waste misplaced on foreign soil to placate the Lord God Oil, the bribes we give to win hostile tribes to our side, the aid we've paid that made friends only while the dough kept growing and flowing into seas of graft and greed, after it got lost with no account to amounts of this and that. while crooks cooked the books, grew rich and fat. How how can we even think of doing a thing like that?

When will we realize money buys friends and loyalty only as long as we pay the biggest price to make them make nice? Will our enemies become our friends? It all depends on how often the loans are made and there's no demand they be repaid. Until a "loan" becomes a loan and we alone are not the only loaner. Until the spenders pay us back, let them see red while we get back in the black.


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