Sunday, July 15, 2007


We were once a nation not feared, but respected and revered. We stood proud and tall, more blessed than all, the champion of the West. We were a land of peace and brotherhood, where dreams could come true. Its colors---Red, White and Blue---were the answer to a prayer. It was the good old U. S, A.

But then there occurred an absurd, unheard of crime and the land of our forefathers was no more. The person guilty of deed, need I remind? GEORGE WALKER BUSH. The non-elected, shamelessly selected criminally protected incompetent president.of the home of the rock-bed of democracy.

Since his first inauguration as leader of this troubled nation, accused but never prosecuted, he became the undisputed head of a gang that sang "My County tis of thee" while plotting to steal its liberty. And with complicity of like-minded men they have all but wiped out our Bill of Rights, disobeyed the Constitution, trashed traditional institutions dedicated to the sanctity of these United States.

Fortunately, the world can again learn to respect our land as the caretaker of democracy, the symbol of a nation free of tyranny, if we replace those who disgraced the U. S. A.

We all must share the blame and shame for the death of more than three thousand GIs and all those wounded and maimed whose lives will never be the same. And by facing hard reality and practicing painful frugality we can regain our solvency, dissipated by a war initiated by GWB with the quiescent acceptance of we, the constituency. If the U, S, A . can go back to the way it used to be, it will again be the bedrock of democracy.


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