Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It has been said angels are a fabrication, borne of God's imagination, a creation like no other Godly manifestations. Let me explain: they were never once live humans who died and decided to rise to a higher plane. Some believe souls go to the land of Angeldom. Some come to another conclusion, But let's end all thIs confusion. God says Angels are not of the sod but fashioned by the power of the golden rod which only works, you understand, when held in His holy hand

So if God insists Angels exist because the rod held in His fist grants Him the power to create; who am I to negate that claim to the Creator's fame? The fact that most Angels do good should settle the score forever more.

But how about Ghosts? God said and I quote: "Ghosts, good or bad, once had bodies, bones and blood they left behind to enter the After Life. They drift around confounding such as we with tricks of ghostly magicry and play their ghostly games much the same as when they were alive.

Except, as spooks, they walk through walls, nature never calls and whether males have balls or participate in late night sex beneath the sheets with their sweets is a matter too complex. No doubt, in the next life we'll find out. But for now, let ghosts boast of their love affairs, whether they wear underwear, and choose to use condoms when seeking spiritual satisfaction.

Most ghosts just want to haunt and go boo-boo to frighten those who don't believe they can do what they do. Good ghosts were good people most of their pre-death days. Those bad in life are just as bad as they had been when they were skin and bones except their moans are more severe. They spread their fear, then disappear.

Those who were good remain the same, but play a different ghostly game.
They protect those who least expect their assistance or recognize their existence in this world of reality where a logical mentality rejects spirituality.

The next time you play host to a friendly ghost or a guardian angel, welcome them as friends you'll meet again when your life on this incarnation finally ends, Of course that all depends on where you go. You'll never know until you get somewhere out there.