Wednesday, August 01, 2007


From the earliest days of Creation to the dawn of civilization devastation has stained the land. It remains today a place where brutal death holds sway. Must it forever be this way?

Will God say one day "Enough's enough!" Will He decree we shall be one big loving family. Sharing, caring, living free? Will we end the bloodshed that has led to trillions dead? Will we, the living, let life run its natural course and let death remain the
guiding force?

If it be so we have a better place to go when life is done, will we be granted golden memories to ease the way from here to there?

Will friendly angels smile as they fly on their way to Eternity? Will my soul survive in the heart of a newborn child asleep in a cozy room in the womb of a young woman, wondering what her child will be? He or she will be my responsibility. The future of the world could be up to me.


Blogger Twilight said...

Beautiful, Ed, thank you.

I reckon the future of the world is already up to us....if we could only wake up!

2:57 PM  

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