Sunday, July 29, 2007


Iraq and Afghanistan. Endless wars proceeding, succeeding according to plan---theirs. not ours. Bush's no-plan plan since the wars began was a sham. Win the enemy will. The more they kill, the higher the bill we'll pay from now till judgment day.

Factor in our dead GIs, our economy, color it red. The rights we've lost, the misery that meets each dawn, the incompetent, stupidity of GWB and Company, the deficits of death go on and on.

There are other wars that affect the lives of those involved in the war on poverty. if you're financially secure you can feel for the poor but don't have to endure their endless insolvency.

The war on drugs tugs at the purse strings and heart of all. That and the war on crime plagues us all the time. We fight pornography because it threatens morality and our humanity.

Our war on disease affects all families. Our goal: a pain free population. Will we win? Probably not. As fast as science finds a cure for this and that, another fatal disease tips its hat.

These battles we face have no place in our society. We're hardly beginning to see the light as we fight these blights upon civilization.


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