Monday, July 30, 2007



The day I was born Lady Luck adorned me with a life of notoriety. I was an instant celebrity. Why my fame? I inherited the name of a man who laid claim to a fortune founded by his father's father's father in the California Gold Rush Days playing hocus-pocus poker with, I do believe, four aces up his sleeve.

That's how the family fortune started and each generation, through crooked manipulation , kept the money flowing, knowing how to cheat and steal and wheel and deal but do it all quite legally. It all came down to me to continue the legacy of the founders of the dynasty, based on the theory that thievery is the only way to play the game and gain the fame.

To this day it's a mystery of high finance history how it all began. My family owns a chunk of every industry that controls the world's economy. I do believe my granddads all had aces up their sleeves.

In spite of my descendants my friends are kings and presidents, movers and shakers, fakers and takers who dictate how and why a million people die and wars are fought and won and lost and how much oil will cost and they manipulate the rates and dine on fine wine and eat out of solid gold plates while non-white nations live on starvation rations, where babies die of dysentery and old folks have no hopes and dreams all because the laws are such that some have too much and some have not enough. They all die alone with nothing they could call their own.

I want to atone for all the sins my forefathers wrought and spend what little time I've got to help the have-nots share the pot with such as I whose world is based on chicanery and trickery of the enslaved majority.

I once sold my soul for a pot of gold. But now that I grow old I grieve for the dispossessed and all the rest who have to live a life that's second best. I pray that they believe I no longer have aces up my sleeve.


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