Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Our world is in pain, ruled by insane men leading us down a dead-end road to hell. They believe peace will be achieved only if we kill all those who refuse to obey, not the will of God, but of a fraud who says he was chosen to lead the way to Judgment Day,

Only when the world ends will it be reborn, ruled by fools who make the rules we must live by or die. So say those who preach to the weak who seek incompetents who make no sense and compound unsound reasons for war. They are self-appointed peace police who commit crimes they pledged to prevent.

There is a way to save the day, to turn the out-of-control world around. "Make love, not war," so said the old cliche. Too few listened as nations invaded nations after failed negotiations destroyed amicable relations.
When talks break down and compromise can't be found, is war the only alternative to give peace one more chance to advance the cause of democracy?

Love, of course, is the force that keeps this old world spinning, winning converts to its side. Love of nature. flowers, trees, an ocean breeze, a sunset at the end of day, children at play, individuality, spirituality---and, above all, love of family---are the glues that hold the world together.

Don't let an upstart tear the world apart.


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