Friday, August 17, 2007


Why should death be final when vinyl lasts forever? Why must I be forced to sever all connections with those of my affections when I or they die? Just because the mouth's no longer eating, the heart's no longer beating, the voice no longer repeating words I love to hear, and the kidney and the liver, the heart and all assorted parts cease to be the giver of life sustaining functions, mortal mechanization need not end communication with those on an after life vacation.

There should be no compunction to enforce a non-function injunction against communication with bodies six feet under, dumped into the sea, cremated belatedly or frozen temporarily. Let us all be made, finally, of vinyl.

How can God defend his intention to resign us to another dimension after we are dead? In this age of technology, you'd think theology could convince the Creator to be more than spectator in the case of our mortality in this century of reality. Why not switch from blood and bones to ever lasting vinyl?

Let science take man to a higher level. But if you plan to live forever don't live with the devil for that's a hell of a place to be in a vinyl birthday suit.


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