Friday, August 17, 2007


Once upon a world ago there was a world that grew quite weary and all its children were sad and teary because they knew it was true their friend the earth was near its end.

The birds and bees, the towering trees, the rivers, lakes and all the seas were sadder still because they were aware there would be no one left to care for. They would be the first to go.

Creatures great and creatures small could sense the pall that filled the world from wall to wall, The clouds were shrouds above it all. The moon soon would disappear, the sun was done, the stars had gone the way of Edsel cars, there was no snow, not a flake of real or fake, wind and rain were on the wain and Mother Earth had gone insane.

Words had become passe and passed away or gone astray for there was nothing left to say, and why pray to God who gave up the ghost and became the host at the devil's weenie roast.


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