Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Thousands of families in our nation and portions of populations throughout civilization---if you'll pardon the expression---do not have a pot to do what in. Millions live in poverty from hand to mouth in the south, north, east and west in the US and large sections of the rest of Earth. There's a dearth of what is needed to make an ideal place in space for the human race.

There are the destitute everywhere over here and over there who haven't got a cent to spare, living in poverty without a dream to rise to solvency. But there's ways to give these millions what they need to live a better life, perhaps not devoid of all strife, the omnipresent essence of all who exist, but enough to encourage them to more than just subsist.

Charity's the grease that lubricates the wheels of upward mobility. We're not talking here in terms of dollars or pounds or francs or other exchange of similar rank. We're dealing with loose change in your pocket at the end of a non-stop shopping day.

So when you go to bed at night separate coins from cash, stash it in a jar or drawer and COIN-tribute it to a favorite church. charity or non-profit agency. This "chicken-feed" you and others donate will grow to amounts you can't count or estimate. For charities strapped for dough it will go a long way to pay the bills. You must concede, indeed. it will fill a need.

One idea to think about. When you travel abroad you may return with loose foreign change. Instead of keeping it as a souvenir this near-worthless coin, multiplied, supplied to charities of places you've been will feed the needy, reduce the cost of living, make giving a painless way of telling friends abroad: "I loved my stay. As I return to the USA I say to you, have a nice day."


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