Friday, August 24, 2007


If denial was a crime Dubya would be on trial and be sentenced big time to pay for the thousands of GIs dead who he said were needed to stem the tide of the suicide bombers from the other side.

As things get worse and worse he still keeps saying, "Stay the course" to force the enemy to retreat, accept defeat because they can't compete with our president in the driver's seat. But do you know what? They're not. And they'll keep killing as long as Bush is willing to provide the fodder.

Nothing could be odder than a president intent on making the same mistakes over and over again. When oh when will Congress learn that this Chief of Grief, this coward scrammed and took it on the lam when North Viet Nam was the foe. Dubya didn't want to go and said so and Daddy G. got him off the hook with a comfy nook in the Texas Air National Guard. That was a hard pill to swallow for this frat brat and campus cruiser who learned how to be a big time loser. Did this time thusly spent qualify him to be the president? No. But he got selected anyway. It could only happen in the USA!

And now, somehow, this loser who went AWOL when our troops were fighting in the living hell of Nam. dominates the news telling us why we must justify his lie that sent thousands to die and the wounded who came back maimed to face life without limbs and minds scarred forever by the war that did not have to be, but was waged on demand by gee-dubya-bee,. the worst president in the history of our democracy,

Now he has the gall to call the shots. Lots o' luck, Donald Duck.


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