Monday, August 20, 2007


Once upon a time crooks were in their prime during a wave of electoral college crime. America lost its soul, bought pie in the sky lie of a no good guy on a roll who stole control of the whole dang shebang. He put the nation in a spin but the fools stuck with him and he gained fame as King of the USA.

At his crowning he declared: "Forget today, wait and pray for a new tomorrow. The secret of our success will be borrow, borrow, borrow. Nations and corporations who invest in our rehabilitation we won't reimburse. As things get worse our debts will soar as they loan us more. They're sure we'll repay. That's the US way.

"They'll string along, right or wrong, and when we agree to repay a dime on the dollar, they won't holler. That's what they'll have to do to renew the faith in the Yankee dollar.

"Any expert of high finance with his brains in his pants would advise: Take a chance. Don't turn your back on romance with democracy. They may be deep in hypocrisy but that's the only way to go."

In the end, their friend, America, the rubes, went down the tubes. The pros foreclosed on D.C. and every major bankrupt city, They caught us asleep at the switch, thanks to that dirty bun of a sitch, The GOP. through graft and greed, through dissolution of the Constitution, practicing sedition with permission, disobeying laws "just because" put our freedom out of reach. Now we cry "IMPEACH! IMPEACH!"

Is it too late? The last two times we had the vote. But the robbers sank the boat. They took the prize. They sure did gloat. We were the goat. It happened then. It can happen again. Quote, unquote!


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