Sunday, August 19, 2007


It's time we face the fact, the election of our presidents is just an act, a rigged reaction of faction versus faction and choreographed inaction. Take note; It's all about the votes and who will be the scapegoats and does it matter when the outcome comes in and the end ends with enemies becoming friends again?

What began as a fake debate on who should run becomes just a humdrum ho-hum moment in history plagued by mystery: who won? who lost? who paid the cost? who bossed the boss? who caused the loss? In the latter, does it really matter? Take note:. pity not, the scapegoat will live on in remote and return one day for a replay after fading away.

The last flawed presidential election did not result from party rejection or imperfection of the idiotic electronic count that did not amount to a hill of beans. The guy to blame was the crook who cooked the books with one quick click of the White House mouse. His name: Slicky Dicky Cheney. Sharing the shame in this guilty game was a guy named Rove who drove the get away car.

Pardon the delay and stay with me. I say there is a better way to choose who's the best qualified to decide. Why not select the president and his vice based not on hearsay, but documented resumes? Can the candidate with the polka-dot tie, the toothy smile and the stereotype style, or the gal who stayed with her mate even though he strayed because that's how the political game is played.

Instead of voting, I'm promoting give the job to someone who won't rob or steal or make a deal, controls the national debt and won't let dollars go astray, away, make rich and poor pay taxes the same old fashioned way and will stay as long as he gets a big OK from the Board of Directors of the USA. Who are they? All taxpayers who pay his wage so he can star on the political stage.

If he proves to be a Dubya dud his name is mud and he can be fired before his contract has expired. No speech. No impeach. Just kick out the leach! Replace the creep.


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