Saturday, August 25, 2007


Dubya, that dumb upstart upset the applecart of peace in the Middle East that, at least, meant fewer dead and a better life for Iraqis under the Hussein reign than we, with all our troops, our guns and planes and our insane no-brainers could ever maintain.

The mounting demand from Them and We is End This War that GWB began to prove he was a macho man, to convince his dad he had the nuts and guts to decide what was what, that he could kick Saddam's butt and show the world that he, the Decider, would decide.

Dubya's alleged reasons for attack was because Iraq had what they did not, but they had a lot of you know what that could sweeten the pot of HELLFORBURTIN and certain other warmongering conglomerations. The confrontation cost the US a tril and still no black stuff's poured to our shores and it costs us a helluva lot more tfill our tanks, no thanks to WGB, than it did before he took us to war forever more.

Our Cowboy Leader still says "Stay the course." Let him kiss the ACK BASS of his horse when he's retired to TexASS, of course.


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