Sunday, September 02, 2007


It is said most men seldom cry. I do. But not for me or you or for loved I once knew or were related to. Of course, I share grief, briefly, of those directly affected, for grief can mellow into peace and release from chains of everlasting sorrow so a bright tomorrow can dawn anew with gifts of joy greater than they never knew.

The tears I shed each night when I go to bed, when I awake or take a break, are for the untold trillions dead or dying, crying for release from pain and memories of times gone by when hope was real and life held forth a wealth of worth for each blessed with the gift of birth.

But although life goes on, all hopes and dreams will be gone as nations war on enemies who find foes of like kind and brothers wind up killing brothers and are drawn into the fray, motivated by educated hate debasing other races, nationalities or ethnicities. The same ingrained animosities exist on both sides, one for the other, both out to smother the opposition and convert them to the religion and political position which drove their forces to civil war or nation against nation confrontation.

I grieve for both sides, right or wrong, for only thousands dead can convince the living to decide wars decimate the human race and will leave a stain of disgrace that never can be erased from the face of history. And so they have a choice: Be wise and compromise or defy and both sides die.

Insanity and humanity can never forever abide side by side. The final struggle's yet to come. Some insist the End is Near. I say life will always be here. But who will set the goal? Who will end up in control? Will every soul abandon man? That can't happen? Perhaps it can.


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