Wednesday, August 29, 2007


After all wars ever fought are won or lost, after trillions are thrown away and millions of lives are blown away and idiotic patriotic exotic words written and orated have contaminated communication at some far off time the crime of war will be outlawed, not by God or prayers, but by players on a stage in a golden age of peace portraying tragic scenes of ancient twenty
first century history.

The stars of all wars ever produced will be introduced and the show will begin about the greatest unresolved, unsolved mystery of history: Why do humans kill against their will? Sadly, It will have an all too limited run on the Theater of the Absurd.

Critics will carefully choose the words they use to accuse the author and actors of insulting the audience intelligence with a drama too unreal even for a fantasy which this presentation will certainly be.

As the final curtain comes down a two-faced clown will appear on stage in the theater dark but for just one last spotlight of the night. The clown will bid the disappointed crowd "Goodnight, sleep tight." He'll pause and laugh, then with insane delight add: "And don't let the bedbugs bite!"

With these words said the clown will nod his head. A shot will be heard. The clown will drop dead.


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