Friday, September 07, 2007


Do people born without sight live in a world of perpetual night? Can they see light in dreams? Can they create images in their mind? Can they, who have never viewed a pale blue sky, have never seen a bird fly by, watched a fluttering butterfly, gazed at the moon and stars, spent hours watching flowers in bloom, share changing colors of leaves from green to gold, watch children grow up and then grow old, believe all they've been told about the magnificence and priceless worth of life on earth?

In a world without a face, to see a smile replace a frown, to share the joy of a bride in her wedding gown, watch the antics of a circus clown, thrill to a Christmas tree with glowing lights, share the world with a honey bee, a tiny flea, how can the sightless know these things are so?

Is anything more precious than the ability to share the nobility, the drama and panorama of ever changing scenes that mean so much?

All is not lost. Scientists are finding ways to correct where nature erred. One day their expertise will be shared. One day those who cannot see will be sighted. And on the day that happens the world will be delighted.


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