Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The fact is, we all must pay taxes to keep the country solvent, especially in event of sudden crisis. As nice as it is to live in this land of the free, we have to pay our fare to share the benefits of security and democracy. No matter what was or what will be, no enemy from abroad or within will rob us of what we fought and died to win. And what we stand to lose if our enemies within rob us of our power.

Patriotism is the only "ism" fit for the populace, and that means all of us. Honest elections are our best protection against those who oppose what our Constitution's all about. It's time all of us---right or left or on the fence---let common sense dictate events. No matter what party you adhere to, which side you decide is right, all should react to one clarion call---not "what's best for me," but what's best for democracy.

In the past few years our greatest fears have been proven true. Those in control obviously stole the presidency, not once but twice and we let them do it. At the time we had little choice short of insurrection. They won not by the vote, but by the way the fools rewrote the rules. The timid, inhibited voting population bit the bullet, let them pull it off. Look what a mess we're in. To right all the wrong they created will take longer than anticipated. The unpatriotic Patriot Act will exact heated debate as the now minority party tries to negate the harm that's been done to the integrity of the laws that protect democracy.

There's no need to rehash every illegal act they enacted, all the lies pawned off as truth, all the false fears fed to waiting ears, all the manipulating further complicating civil rights. Learn what's been done, what they still can do before they're through.

OK, voters. it's up to you. Get involved until the problem's solved. It won't be easy. It won't happen fast. But at least, at last, changes are in the air.


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