Tuesday, September 11, 2007


All humans and our dozens of cousins, apes and chimpanzees and members of their families, variations of the species known generically as Man, were created in line with God's design.

They all are born with two of these and one of those, ten toes and fingers that open and close, a nose with multiple abilities, ears that hear and eyes that see and a mouth that eats and savors sweets, lips that kiss. smile, frown, reveal when we are up or down, jaws that harbor teeth that chew and a tongue that licks and sticks out and, no doubt, does what tongues are supposed to do.

Our extremities do not require listing here for they are familiar to most mammal animals on this sphere. So the point I'm trying to make is this: If we're so much the same inside and out, and of this there's little doubt, where and why do the differences lie between ape and Man and members of this fascinating clan?

We can talk with words defined, stored in a complex mind, a memory bank. Simians can talk, too, with grunts and groans and moans in different tones, but they can't talk on telephones. They must have other ways of expressing and revealing feelings and we can only guess at what they're concealing.

Are there professors, preachers, teachers, searchers, researchers and creatures in the zoo and jungles, too, who are much like me and you, making a fuss over them and us? Frankly, I would rather take the bus and leave the driving to---the monkeys in Peru or Timbuktu.


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