Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Once upon a long, long, long LONG---LONG,---LONG ago way back when a When we'll hardly never ever know again, somehow became a now, now, now world of WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! An earth once made of milk and honey and bumper crops of four-leaf clover was taken over by funny money, Centa Claws and the Feaster bunny.

Once a place of good and grace where everybody had just one face, the world's become mired in tired, waiting to be expired gab and grab, got what you can git shany it for sale at a nice bargain price. Here's the key---$$$$$$---stick it in the hole and a whole treasure, pleasure chest of moldy gold is yours to spend when you get old and are told you've got just one more whatever year to drown yourself in booze and beer before you disappear and are outa here!

The only ones what's gotta gonna stay and shoot the loot on hoot and Godforbidden, hidden fruit are the gotters, gitters, don't shive a gitters who'll sell their soul and self control for a bowl of the stuff that glitters, corn flakes and yesteryears rotten moneyanna bananas.

Welcome to the new world of here today, GUN tomorrow. Borrow somebody else's sorrow. Save your fears for future tears. Plug up your ears and shut your eyes so you can't see or hear your neighbor's sighs and cries as they say their last goodbyes to everything that lives and dies,

Have a nice day. Then get outta my way!


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