Tuesday, September 25, 2007


What if you were me and I were you would we still do what we do? Would we still be mutually attracted sexually? If neither one of Us was Us and you married Gus and I wed Shirl would you have had a different girl and I a different son? If they had met and wed and had birthed none would life go on with no new name to add to either family tree?
If we had never met, I'd not be grieving you who I never knew. I would not anticipate the fate that awaited my mate instead of me. I would never have known the pain of life alone without you to comfort me.

What if the Navy ship on which I took a trip to fight a war had sunk with me to eternity, would I still be asleep at the bottom of the Pacific sea and there would be no more of me? Would you sometimes miss me and remember me lovingly?


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