Thursday, October 18, 2007


Sheep who shop in supermarts are suckers for a label.
They push their carts from shelf to shelf to overloaded table.
They stand in line like fatted calves waiting for the slaughter.
They squeeze each fresh tomato like a drowning man claws water.
They load their carts to the hilt with strange, exotic dishes.
As point-of-product parasites grant their fondest wishes.
They succumb to each display set up to seduce them.
Women fat buy this and that as fast as stores produce them.
A product placed eye-level high, say those who know their shoppers,
force once frugal housewives to spend their extra coppers.
If it's designed to tease, appease or please her,
It's not the price that steals her heart, it's how its shown that melts her.
Tricks that make shoppers weak, meek and compromising,
are yours to use and abuse in modern merchandising.
Don't make it cheap, don't make it fresh. Just make it appetizing.


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