Thursday, October 11, 2007


Once upon a time before there was time to measure time there was a sky, a moon and sun and one by one, then two by two, then more by more until there were no more, a blinking twinkle-twinkle light up the blackened blue. Nobody knew where the heavenly bodies came from or wondered what in the world was this place in space called world.

Somewhere out there among stars planets were planted, but were burning, bubbilng, masses spewing smoke and steam, grime and slime and smelly gases. Out of this miserable mass emerged a body with scraggly beard. a nose red as glowing coals, eyes that opened and closed, a mouth that ate and chewed, smiled and frowned to express mood and two ears to hear and support reading glasses.

The creature with these features looked into the brand-new sky, at the sea that only He could see, at greenery and scenery and even the Boston beanery. He was impressed, confessed He created it all, stood tall and decided, to take the credit. He said it and by God, He the inventor who had invented it, meant it.

"I am God, I am He," He said with elation. "I am the Father of all creation. Come with me Face tribulation on the road to salvation." God waved His golden rod majestically. "I hereby create Adam, the first Man among men." With his mate named Eve, Adam fired with desire, proceded to sire the world's population in duplication, males and females with these and those, fingers and toes and body parts covered with skin and supported by bones, and then there were those exposed erogenous zones.

Thus began God's Master Plan of Man. And that's when all the troubles began.


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