Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Hear ye! Hear ye! One and all. Y'all come down and hear and see the DC Clown, the dumbest man in the whole damn town. The yutz of the year with the sneer ear to ear, the frown, the would be king with the tarnished crown that'll bring the White House down. The folks will come to hear his jokes, to gawk in shock as he talks and talks in his Texas drawl and all he says is the SHAME OLD SIT to voters who are sick of it,

He's Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee, the two-headed weak freak, not of the week, not of the month or the year, but of all the time since he's been here. See him wave his magic wand and turn fiction to fact and try to deny every bald-faced lie he ever told since days of old when black gold was worth more than golden gold and it was sold by the dribble and the drop for twice the price of sodapop.

"I still insist," he says with pounding fist, "there's a WMD hiding behind every Bush and tree."

Saddam had a big, bad A-Bomb in Baghdad that could have blown the world to kingdom come (ho hum) as kingdoms come and kingdoms go and he should know even though he ain't no king, he's just a little squirmy, wormy, slimy thing. Bush ain't turnin' back until they pack his six pack, and fill his tank with high test gas, blessed be Allah and the Yankee dollah!"

PS: If you think what I writ's A SHIECE OF PIT, so be it. Soon the GOP dopes will be on the ropes. Let's hope it stays that way and everything's OK.


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