Friday, November 02, 2007


In any political campaign, to win your mission must be to damn the opposition politician, to shoot the enemy down with any ammunition at your disposal to abuse and confuse sufficiently so the voter will be convinced only you will do what must be done and, thus, are the chosen one to run.

Winning is and should be the name of the game and that is, primarily, true, But not when your opponent and exponent of a different point of view is a member of the party you both represent and should be beholden to.

In the current presidential race the goal must be to replace the GOP with candidates who'll work for the much maligned minority. In your thirst for power, put our party and the USA first. Slamming, damning fellow party hopefuls is a foolish thing to do. .

The ammunition you choose to abuse and trash each other's views could come back to haunt and taunt the primary winner when showdown time comes around if the GOP finds ways to sway votes their way. We all must want, above all else, the votes to put the GOP on a dusty shelf.

It bears repeating, traditional techniques used repeatedly could be abused by the GOP enemy to turn the tables on our need to succeed in November. Remember that and be, first of all, a Democrat.

Democrats beating up on Democrats? That's a stupid thing to do. Each of you want to be the standard bearer. But more important than that he/she must be the winning Democrat.

End the debates to prove who's best. Resist that ego trip where one slip could sink our ship of state. Don't try to demonstrate how smart you are and why none compare with your flair for getting elected. That's to be expected. Just let the viewer know precisely who you are and what you stand for and how you'll run the store to restore our freedoms and our liberties, stolen by the GOP.

All that said, meet the enemy and knock 'em dead!


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