Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Why is there a sky? So birds can have a place to fly and there can be an airline industry so planes could dash and smash and crash and eliminate a spate of we. Why a sea? So fish and we can swim and eat and meet and greet ships on trips from here to there and everywhere where nature dwells.

Who made room in the sea for snails and giant whales and grains of sand, bordered by land and a grand variety of trees where monkeys and Tarzan and an endless list of creatures coexist?

Why are there mountains high? So we can reach out and touch the sky. And the eye can see scenery of rocks and hills and all the thrills of far off greenery. Where adventurers take the dare and reach the peaks simply because they're there, Where some live, some die, most never try.

Why is there so much greenery, some to eat, some to delight the appetite of precious sight like stars and moon at night and sunshine bright to light the day and rain to bathe the birds and beasts who feast on the bounty of the land.

We have so many kinds of friends, adorned with feathers or with fur, or only skin to let heat and cold compete with lust and sin that let humanity begin to populate the place we call inner-space.

Who is responsible for this impossible world we share? If a Creator there be, who created He or She?


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