Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Since Bush can't fulfill his plan to bomb Iran, he's got the hots for Cuba. Thats what he said from a mouth in an empty head as wars he's led put our country in the red. Nearly four thousand GIs dead and uncountable thousands of Iraqis slain.

And what about the maimed of body and of mind? What kind of man would want to start another war, especially with two still going on?

Cuba, one of the last on the list on of Communist dictatorships, is ill equipped to fight a war, has no oil, no WMDs and is no threat to democracies. So why does that bonofasitch, that failed fanatic with no brains in his empty attic have an itch to topple Fidel who's gravely ill and soon will die?

So what's it all about? His brother, Raul, will carry on.after Fidel is gone. And he seems to be open to negotiations with the US and other nations. Isn't it time we might possibly agree with this "enemy" nation ninty miles off our shore? It's never too late to negotiate? Is Bush looking for a short war and a quick victory to make the world forget he screwed up royalty in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Dubya's worried about his place in history, Guaranteed it will be a minus C or maybe an F for being such a schmuck, In his speech he charged Cuba with all sorts of totalitarian crimes. If I had a dime for every crime our would-be dictator has committed, it's a fair bet the proceeds could pay off our Iraq debt.

The final word: the United States cannot afford another war. How many more must die, how many loved ones left to cry and ask why a fool so cruel and a maniacs to boot could be allowed to loot his native land of all we hold dear: our GIs who are no longer here, our hard earned taxes down the drain, our children denied and left behind, our Medicare and Bill of Rights stripped bare. And that denier dares accuse Cuba or any other nation of "trauma and terror?" Will Bush ever see the error of his ways? Is there any doubt why America wants Bush and the Republicans out?


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