Thursday, November 01, 2007


CEOs and pro team pros, stars in Broadway shows, frauds and preachers, cons and other low-life creatures make millions doing who knows what while Iraqi based GI Joes kill or die for God knows why by doing their best to protect those who inves, puff out their chest, and expect each buck they get to double yet not reflect the net they declare when they bill the IRS for wear and tear on their underwear.

Why this fascination with multiplication of wages of legal sin that spin ever higher with mad desire from the day execs are hired till they're fired or retired with pensions obscene with perks of dollar green. Corporate crooks turn millions into trillions wired to foreign banks who put huge amounts in secret accounts owned by numbers or phony names. Investment houses, go- for-brokers play joker poker and break laws just because they've been created to be violated,

Wall Street sinning is beginning to breed a new generation of get rich quick who get ahead by creating tricks to fool the IRS with a click of the mouse, no less. Connivers thrive on the corporate off-shore store and invest funny money on pipe-dream schemes. In this world of lowdown dirty high finance a couple million stuffed in hiding places ain't enough. Millions must become a sum of billions, why not trillions?

To those who have the Midas touch, much too much is not enough. Blue chip stox and all the gold in it. Knox, are not enough. Every dollar ever spent won't put a dent in what's been squandered, laundered by our spendthrift president.

When we're all smoking Cuban cigars, and everybody's driving monster cars without fear of rising prices per gal and every Arab is our pal and war is just a nightmare dream and our time on earth is peachy keen then this land will be rich in milk and honey, we'll all believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny and a little money will be a lot and we'll be happy for what we've got.

So hang on till then. This present will become our past. At last, we'll live in peace again.


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