Saturday, November 10, 2007


Are we, the last hope of democracy, deaf, dumb and blind? Are we a masochistic mass of lunatics? Are we the kind who sit on our behind and watch our Land of the Free be poisoned by RepubliCANCER that has just one answer to threats to our liberty? WAR! WAR! WAR!

Are we a party of fools and saps ready and willing to aid and abet the worst criminals of all time in their plot to let our Republic go to rot and ruin like every fascist dictatorship in history?

Why do our chosen Leaders, frozen with fear of the fool with floppy ears and a stupid snee, agree with every insanity he and his gang of thieves conceive. We've got the votes to kick out the PUPID STRICK, yet succumb to every sick Republitrick to dig our economy deeper in debt, place our bets on a losing HASSES ORSE and sentence more GIs to die in his try to win a winless war? And all the talking heads side with the losers on a slide to where they can hide in a SHILE OF PIT of self denial.

Why don't we dimwit Dems cry out when the Cheney gang with the support of the SOUPreme Court and that TexASS sport steal our freedom and our liberty and buy us into bankruptcy with billion dollar lunacy to feed the Beast of the Middle East?

As we approach the day we must decide, will we bent on suicide, ready to take a one-way ride to our demise? Is it too late to alter the fate awaiting us? Will we face the truth at the voting booth?

All the Democrat hopefuls so far have spent their energies acting like arch enemies, accusing and abusing each other, choosing a surefire way of losing to Republicans who plan more of their illegalities until they become the undisrupted leaders of the land---the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rights of man be-damned!!

Our hopefuls are all out to win. That's good. They should. But remember, come November, it matters not who becomes our candidate. What's important, who we choose cannot afford to lose. Their victory must lead the way to end eight years of idiocy and hypocrisy that nearly drove our democracy into the red, left thousands dead and shamed our reputation in every nation from sea to shining sea.

To all who seek the candidacy, hear this appeal. Be real! Put America first. Direct your burst of energy telling voters what you'll do, what you stand for, how you'll work to end the war. Don't criticize the guys your side.

When all is said and done, we're One, we're all Americans. Together we must keep this the land of the free, the birthplace of democracy. In calm or stormy political weather, Democrats must stick together.


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