Wednesday, November 21, 2007


What''a family? Moms and Pops, kids and pets, aunts and uncles, dozen of cousins, old folks. kinfolks, grannies, gramps, little scamps.

Telling jokes; spilling Cokes, Boy Scout cookouts. Trips to zoos, brand new shoes, boo-hoo blues, trading news good, bad, sad, glad memories, recopies and calories, family photos "All say cheese!!" Being stung by hiony bees, late night teas, cold beers, cheers and happy tears,

Brand new twins and toothless grins. Birthday cakes, bellyaches. Easter bunnies, Sunday funnies. Teddy bears, falls down stairs. Memories make strangers families.

Families say a lot, eat a lot, weigh a lot, on special days pray a lot. And and you know what? Care a lot, share a lot of what you've got for have nots on the family tree. Scream and yell, get mad as hell, break up, make up, regret, forget, get mad enough to kill. Never will. In spite of all, they're Family.

Something's special about each family. Some are old, some young, some rant and rave in different tongues, have different names. Many come from different nations, only here on short vacations have other relations.

Young lovers meet and wed, welcome them, their ma's and pa's, inlaws because now they're instant members of the family.That's the way it ought to be.

The day grows late. They hate to go. Tears flow. All know they'll meet again. But when?


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