Monday, November 19, 2007


How long will it take the candidates to realize their debates to win the coveted prize start too soon and last too long? How many times must voters hear the same old song? What speechwriters write may be wrong, may be right, but they'll be thick with rhetoric to sell the same old schtick,

Voters can grow sick of politicians and their positions on propositions. Hopefuls better face the fact details often fail to win votes, that boring words inspire yawning, snoring and are forgotten in the morning.

Denying, lying, defying is just a waste of prime TV time when hopefuls spew lines like "I'm the one who'll get things done. Here's what I'll do if you choose me." Self-proclaimed winners, unashamed sinners, unblamed beginners, they're all the same type when it comes to hype.

Let's start debates later, cut 'em short don't resort to phony baloney and half-baked lies to win the prize and cut opponents down to size. This will reduce campaign cost, the obligations for big donations to greedy corporations, suspicions that even losing politicians are fishin' for cabinet positions, or deals where international financial games are played and fortunes made.

We saw what happens to the law when oil greases the political paw and Congress says yes to every Helluvaburton request. Or when a jerk like Bush has the right to rewrite laws just because they don't agree with his concept of democracy, destruction of the economy and lies that put at least three thousand brave GIs in their graves.

Maybe letting the middle class make their pitch for higher taxes fo the rich
and tax relief for the struggling masses will kick the upper-classes in the
you know what. But that's a nut we'll crack when we get out of Iraq and get our country back on track.


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