Wednesday, November 21, 2007


If we say we love the U. S. A. and cherish our democracy, if we give a damn for Uncle Sam and want to live out our lives in liberty. We don't need another tired, uninspired politician, we need a president who knows the condition we are in and will lead a social revolution to restore the reputation we once knew.

We need a president with a mission, with fire in the belly, with passion in the heart, to start a social and emotional revolution, not a war with guns, but a stick to our guns determination until we've won our freedom back again.

Let's be realistic. Thanks to the Bush administration and its manipulation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we are sick. A renewed Spirit of '76 is needed now, Somehow, it must begin if we are to win what we lost in cost of foreign wars and dead GIs and lies, cheating and deceit.

Perhaps once in a generation we are blessed by a leader who can't be led, who has the determination and inspiration to turn around a failing nation and put it back on its feet, grab victory from the jaws of defeat, and meet the future fearlessly.

Years and what appears to be integrity and honesty are not what we need in the next presidency. We need someone wise who will be advised by qualified experts in many fields, by scholars bought not with dollars, but hired for their fire and desire to be given an opportunity to be key players in the new true red, white and blue administration. We need to be a nation builder---our nation, not others on foreign shores. No more! No more!

We can no longer be Big Brother to every failing foreign nation. We cannot afford to be the world's police to keep the peace everywhere. We'll care, we'll share, but it stops there.

The GOP had eight years and failed. They assailed our Clinton budget plus economy. They led us into an illegal war and stole the White House not once but twice. And our people paid the price. Now it's payback time. Who will lead us? You decide. But as far as we can see, we need Democrats to lead in our prized and revitalized economy. Please take note what I wrote when you vote in the next selection-free election.


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