Wednesday, November 28, 2007


With the bucks way down in Dubya Town and the Ship of State about to run aground what does that sound like to we, fighters in the war to save democracy? I have a hunch the free lunch ain't as free as it used to be. The drain on the campaign donations that once were paid to persuade the marchers in the presidential parade to vote for the highflying liars of the Big Charade have suddenly abandoned the GOP.

Once upon the big dollar time, they filled the war chest with dough from the CEOs and political pros confident that funny money well spent to support a political event would benefit the grafter after a successful election/selection. But those days are gone and almost dead when the expense of buying influence made more sense.

Now corporate givers and high livers can't buy candidates with expensive vacation trips, under the table tips, banquets of steaks and cakes and chopped chicken livers,

Now the desperate gold diggers of the GOP are making their pitch to the super rich who have an itch for political power and are willing to gamble their family fortune on a chance to win a senate seat and eat with the elite of the indiscrete .

Republican Party smarties have discovered that the wealthy, who have little to offer except money to glut the campaign coffer, will pay a mill to fill a seat on a compressional committee and vote for or against demanding legislation of which they have no understanding. They don't know what they're doing or who their vote may be screwing and what's more, these whores of Washington, find their chore an awful bore.

This election is just one big crap shoot, It's all about loot and nothing more.
These rich and totally unqualified are only there for the ride, and we, the fools, become the tools of bought and sold, of good old incompetence. It makes no sense unless you're a part of the immense GOP rape of our governments.


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