Wednesday, December 05, 2007


ON THOSE WHO proclaim the infamous name Republican! How can you still hail this failed lame fiction of a president, this totally incompetent sadistic addict of self-destruction of a once proud democracy and peace into a land of mediocrity and less---a total mess, to say the least.

I heap equal contempt on scardycat Democrats. They're not exempt to any extent for their shared greed and cowardice in support of the GOP. They'll share the guilt who will pay the price for ill-conceived war that cost the U.S. more in dollars and death than this obscene, mean world has ever seen. For all the tragedy of today we, our children, our children's children will pay and pay beyond the end of Judgment Day.

Way back when just a few knew enough to talk tough about this big-mouthed brainless bluff we were accused of spreading doom and gloom. We were right, they were wrong. They kept singing the same old song, went along with the Commander in Thief who committed crimes beyond belief---he, with the nation's complicity, stole the presidency, not once but twice. The weak and meek turned the other cheek, said "Be nice. Respect our unelected president."

Respect this reject? Not then. Not now. Not until the cows come home from Kingdom Dumb! This college bum. This C-grade scum. This rum-soaked bon-of-a- sitch. This product of the filthy rich. Those who have finally seen the light say get rid of him right now. Somehow this must be done so we can begin to turn around all this clown is guilty of. Feel no compassion, no love. Hate? Yes hate for this enemy of the state.

There are those who cry: Why rehash what's past? Forget, forgive and move on. Be of cheer. He'll be gone in a year. What more can he do?


No matter how low Dubya's ratings go he retains power of the veto. He can always say "No!" to Democrats who propose laws he opposes that threaten his authority. He can disobey laws just because he's still president. He did it in the past and can do it over and over again to the last minute of his insane reign.

Should we give this disgrace to the human race a chance to save face? He doesn't deserve it. Give him time in jail and make him serve it. He started a war where thousands died. Bush can run but he can't hide. Lock him up, throw away the key. THREE CHEERS FOR DEMOCRACY!

These are the frightening facts. React! His dishonesty and irresponsibility caused our national debt to be one of the largest yet. It's constantly expanding, stands at $9.13 trillion and growing $1.4 billion every day. With each passing minute we're nearly one million deeper in it.

The clock tick-tock-ticks as Bush refuses to admit he's licked and won't end it quick. That makes me sick as more GIs are blown away and our treasury drained. Dubya and his dogmatic madness are insane.

If foreign nations cash in our bonds bonds our dollar will crash and we'll be has-beens in the world of wealth and democracy.

Keep this in mind as Dubya leaves us behind. When he goes in January 2009 we'll owe $10 trillion plus. Up and up it goes. When and where it stops nobody knows.


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