Monday, December 17, 2007


If you've tried and tried, but can't decide who should get your vote just take note of those who lied and how many GIs and innocent Iraqis have died---killed without just cause against all laws of decency---weigh the pros and cons of what's going on and you'll go to the polls on Election Day and vote Democrat for every candidate from dog catcher up to president,

If you still can't make a firm decision just think of the Dubya Wrecking Crew, all who should all be in prison' and common sense will dictate what party you should support in 2008. Forget the debates and what the opponents state they'll do if they're the winner.

The sinners on the Right might say they'll do this and they'll do that, but if you buy their lies be in for a big surprise. Don't be reigned in by their rhetoric, It's just another GOP trick so the Republicans can get the chance lo stick it to you after it's too late to change the vote you gave away on Election Day.

Of course there is no guarantee all the Democrats will comer through and do all they vowed to do. They'll really try. But if they fail it won't be because they lied. The GOP will try to block any nation saving legislation opponents propose,

It will take time to deal with all the crime the Bushniks have committed. Republicans did it. They won't admit it. We know I it's so. They've got to go! A solid, dedicated, determined liberal Left will do what's right.


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