Thursday, December 27, 2007


I ask my mind to tell me what it sees about the me who is yet to be. My mind might remind me what came into my view, an event that was so new it had not happened yet and still waits in an unused portion of time in an undetermined place to become a reality.

My mind speaks to me: "You some time ago saw it happen in a blur as it waited to occur. It still is there, and will remain in an unused corner of your brain waiting for the moment when ESP will set it free. Then it will not be a were or a was. When it does reveal itself in all its clear visuality it will become a past reality.

"Keep in mind what is in your mind waiting for you to find the time and place to set it free. You see, everything that was or is or will be is still stored currently in the warehouse of expectancy."

I thank my mind most graciously for telling me what is yet to be when it is ready to become a reality. Until then I will be satisfied to let it hide inside of the mentality that confides to my mind what will soon be here, then quickly disappear, a moment in time when what was, what is, what will soon be. But will it live on in the waiting room of my memory? Perhaps my mind will reveal to me what is to be.


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