Friday, January 11, 2008


In the beginning I didn't care who would win the Main Event, president of the U. S. A. As long as he/she was a Democrat, that was OK with me. I believed either leader of the pack---Hillary or Barack---would be up to the attack on the GOP. That either he or she was capable and qualified to be the salvation of our nation and rescue it from the devastation of the Dubya wrecking crew.

But I wanted to see the battle for the Democrat candidacy be fair and square and let the people determine who would win and begin the long road back to recovery and democracy.

When Sen. Obama won in Iowa and Sen. Clinton scored well, too, I knew we had a choice of two we could depend upon to carry on when the Republicans were gone from Pennsylvania Avenue. But then Hillary Clinton's crocodile tears caused fear she might not be strong enough when things got rough in the tough, demanding job ahead.

If Hillary couldn't take the heat of a first defeat and broke down and sobbed on the job when the stakes were high and things went awry, how strong a leader would she be in times of stress and adversity? Her tears revealed a weakness unbefitting anyone intent on being president.

So the display of tears gained her support of voters who mistook emotion for devotion to the task ahead. They rallied to her side and give her a few point lead in the fast paced New Hampshire race. She scored a victory of sorts and now sports a winning smile. She bought the votes with the help of females who were sympathetic. It was pathetic!

The question now is, how did she turn on those tears? Is she a weak, weepy, whimpering woman who must have her way, who knows how to cry to make her day? Was it just an act or was she, in fact, too lacking in fortitude to control her moods in moments of adversity?

Well, we'll just have to wait and see.


Anonymous dany said...

Wow, Ed. I never thought I'd say this to you but this is stupid as hell and really sexist. First of all, she did not cry but only appeared to tear up momentarily. Yet, everyone is quick to jump all over her for being a weak woman. If Obama had teared up, you would have written something about how strong and genuine he is. Almost every human cries sometimes and it often happens when one is exhausted. What's the big deal? Would you prefer someone who is so drugged up on mood elevators he has no human emotions at all? If so, you should be happy with our current president. Your post proves that sexism is still a bigger problem than racism in this country.

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