Saturday, December 29, 2007


We who walk on two feet talk a lot about who we are and what we're not and thought we were superior to "dumb" animals, to other races and creeds with tints of skin with similar but different faces now realize that under the skin and/or beneath hide the fur coat hides we're more alike than we like to admit.

We now are convinced that our convictions were based not on fact but fictions and know the absurdities just ain't so. We all have appetites that tell us when and what to eat and turn the food, once consumed, into unpleasant fumes and body waste and provide a place where it can exit. Next it will return to earth still of worth to nurture nature's greenery of sustenance and scenery. It will realize its goal, to fertilize the food they eat.

When upset by life's upheaval and tempted by good and evil we, more often than the animals we once considered dumb, are more apt to succumb to insensitive idiocy than our fur or feather relations.

All creatures, with few exceptions, express affection, emotion and devotion, feel stress and strain, endure physical pain, have brains and use them, don't abuse them, are born, feel hot and cold, are born, grow up, grow old and die, sometimes with no reason why.

So who are we and who are they? We both work and play by day and sleep at night. Sometimes we're wrong but in the long run, right. And if one day The Bomb must fall and all are faced with the identical fate it will be too late to hate. So love thy neighbors, one and all.

"Dumb animals" are not dumb. Some are smarter than we in their way. Scientists believe all creatures great and small, from insects to intellects, fish in the sea to you and me send and receive messages to others of like kind. All creates have active minds, communicate with languages they create.

So the next time you go to the zoo, bid your brother ape a howdy-do, say "Hi!" to birds as they fly by and share good news with the gnus.


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