Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The clock struck. The schmuck's tucked in his bed. Let the creep sleep. He and all the would-be GOP candidates would only speed our downhill slide to worldwide suicide.

The fate that might await is just around the "coroner." The foreigners who hold our bonds might dump them quick and if they do we're through. Not just You, not just We, Us and everybody on the bus on the bumpy road to bankruptcy.

Will there be after November a second or two of celebration, excitation of short duration, then back to the same frustration for the duration of another weary year? Will next year be just a number, 365 days to wake and slumber, a bummer with another summer, seasons and no reason for all the whoop-de-do and ballyhoo, the noisy thing folks do before settling down for another Big Brother smother of what's left of our once free, flourishing democracy?

Nothing's changed but the rearranged, jigger figures that creep a sleeping civilization ever closer to annihilation. Another year has come and gone. The same senseless war goes on. We'd better hold our horses until a leader comes on the scene who can clean up this Bush latrine.


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