Monday, December 31, 2007


When the rich get an itch they hire someone to scratch it. Not an "amatcher" scratcher, "natcherly." He'll hire a specialist with a degree in "scratchology" at a thou an hour who will find the source with his educated finger, pull out the humdinger, and be on his way.

Was it caused by a bee, a flea or a "tootsie" fly? Hives or poison ivy? A bedbug or a rootie tootie common every day low-grade cootie? Medicare cares when it pays the bills and maybe for a few sugar pills for an itch on the back or near the sacroiliac, the fee can be out of reach.

If the itch is in an embarrassing place what the scratcher charges will be a disgrace. Not all scratches are expensive. If it's on the nose or between the toes, and comfort is easily induced, the fee might be reduced.

You can see, treating a legit itch can be a "bun" of a "sitch," But it's all the "responsibility of the scratcher and the "scratchee."


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