Thursday, January 10, 2008


It took Bush almost seven years to use that half-wit brain between his ears. Now he fears recession will rear its ugly head. But, he adds, we ain't there yet.

Does he see the light that moneywise things ain't bright? On Monday he spouted his sick rhetoric about a strong economy. Next day he negated and regurgitated what he'd said and, instead, saw dark clouds of recession up ahead. There's an indication inflation will plunge this nation into debt,.

But, he added, "We can't take growth for granted." As he ranted, there was growth---in anxiety over the growing debt and bad, bad news on the internet and the worst ain't over yet.

The soaring price of oil. Growth! Trillions wasted on Iraq. Growth! Booming bankruptcies. Growth! Rising cost of food you eat. Growth! The upward surging ranks of unemployed. Growth! The credit crunch. Growth! A bit of this, a bunch of that. Growth! Even Dubya, the Denyer in Chief, can't deny. Recession's where we're at.

Talk about growth? There's growing concern about issues the Repubs will never learn to deal with because they have no feel for the down and out, the working poor, the unemployed. the dwindling middle-class, the uninsured, unsure of today or tomorrow in a beg and borrow economy and a wholly out of control national debt where growth is exactly where we should not be.

We're heading to the end of the Bush blend of idiocy, hypocrisy and incompetency, adding to instant instability and a misadministration's inability to confront. And now the GOP asks the suffering mass to vote them in and bail them out? Talk about growth? There's a pile of Dubya denial a mountaihig and growing.


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