Thursday, February 07, 2008


We, The People, will have our way. Let not the promised words be briefly heard only to fade away in the verbal avalanche of a typical election day.

Let not the Left and the Right and all shades tn between be only vaguely heard or seen between the rabble-gabble of the political scene,

Let the voice of choice not be just one endless stream of meaningless cliches and promises that are at best said in jest to wrest votes and headline quotes for the "come and go" candidates you hardly know.

Trust the hopeful hack who admits to you our nation's in a BUSH of double trouble in Iraq. Doubt the sincerity of he or she who vows to bring the troops back, not in a coffin or a body sack, not barely alive but hooked on crack. Let him have the limbs he had before he went to fight this illegal, ubwinnable Republican war.

Let his Family never see the sorrow in his eyes or the suffering when they see him with one less limb or even more. Just share with him the pride he he must feel inside for having done the best he could to aid his buddies in distress.

Thank God he and we are finally out of this mess.


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