Wednesday, January 23, 2008


History is a mystery based more on myth and questioned fact, filled with incidents of violence, fired by lust and mistrust, based more on romance and happenstance, greed and gold, freedom bought and sold and more tales untold than reason and reality. and the advancement of humanity.

Books are packed with inexact fact, truth out of proportion and distortion to justify why man must die to satisfy the desire of a leader who believes war will bring peace and salvation to a troubled nation. So wars are fought and men are shot and blood is shed and the good are dead just because a madman said it had to be to defend our liberty.

But when the battle's done and we have won and we visit our son in his grave, what did his death save? How free are we while others wait to share his fate, dictated by hypocrisy and financed by a bureaucracy out to destroy our democracy?

Did our hell dispel the terror or was it all a tragic error?


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