Friday, January 25, 2008


What if there'd never ever been a cigarette, a pipe or a cigar, never ever been a war or a fume spewing truck or car, a bullet or a gun, never been anyone who killed his neighbors just for fun, never been pollution or a revolution, never been a God knows what to fill our gut with cancer?

Here's the answer to it all: if there'd never have been a Berlin wall, a Holocaust, millions lost to Hitler's lust, hate to hasten nascent fate before its preordained place and date, no HIV or Aides or plagues created by man's plan to nuke another's land. Millions have been lost by runaway inflation that sapped the solvency of every nation, theirs and ours and every other, we would all be like sisters asnd brothers, one big free family,

There never would have been a tyrant intent on killing an entire race? There would not have been a Hitler, a disgrace to the human race. No doubt, the world would have been better off without him.

Of course the curse of natural ills has spurred the growth of diet pills, wonder drugs and potent potions, inducing cures, reducing pain and easing strain on hearts and other body parts, vitamins replacing nutriments the body lacks, formulas for fighting unanticipated strokes and heart attacks, ointments meant to ease arthritic pain in knees and other muscular extremities.

Scientists have solved the plague of polio, used stem cells to help the body grow new parts naturally or surgically transfer living body parts and man-made devices and reduce prices on myriad procedures to a fraction of what they were not so long go.

What a wondrous world this might have been if hate and sin had not set in, if cruel fools had not existed and incompetent presidents had not insisted he were right and the world was wrong, that nations had to be stubborn and strong to get along in an age when nuclear threat again is center stage.

How do yoiu view the future? You decide. But stick around for a long-term ride, It's a sure bet you ain't seen nothin' yet!


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