Monday, February 11, 2008


As politicos come and go, you know, Dubya ain't so smart. But he was a whole lot dumber when he stole the show with daddy's dough and an insane brain below his bellybutton. He's got less than nuittin' from his hips to his lips to that queer little sneer between his ears that flap as he dishes out crap. You poke a hole in his wooden head and the sap spouts out. And that's what Bush is all about.

So goes the tale of his intellectual tail. He has brit for shains and is convinced he was born of royalty destined to be king of everything from C to C, (the report card he worked so hard to get his college degree.)

Dubya presumed when his approval zoomed right after Nine/Eleven that he, AWOL Texass Air Force flyer, chronic liar, dedicated denier, filled with fire and desire had the knack to whack Iraq to pay Hussein back for the attack he didn't do. With the help of zany Cheney and his gang they figured war would last no longer than a week or two and Sadam would meet his waterloo.

You know the rest. They hung the bad Baghdad daddy and Bush, the smarty, had a victory party. That was more than four years ago and the war goes on with thousands of GIs dead and Iraqis. too, and Dummy Dubya doesn't know what to do.

Which brings me to my point: we elect, we don't anoint, our presidents. They ain't royal. And Bush should have been boiled in his high priced oil.

The would-be dictator taught us thus: we are and will always be, not an aristocracy, a democracy that's had it with the GOP hypocrisy. Making like a king was Dubya's thing. Soon we'll be through with that ding=a-ling!


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