Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Heaven's a heavenly place to be. It has no future, has no past. It has only now which will last long after there's no Dow, no Wall Street cheats to tell us how best to invest our hard earned cash and watch the market crash.

At least in theology and theory, Heaven is so heavenly because it has no up or down economy, no get rich or kill the sonofabitch obsession, no depression or recession, no bending laws or small print clause to seal deals where everybody steals and nobody feels a pang of guilt for fortunes built on scam and sham.

In heaven there's no win or lose, no news to confuse you to choose the latest red hot stock which is really just a crock of schlock due to fall when the insiders sell it all and flee with their stash of cash to tax havens overseas, not (HAVENS, NOT HEAVEN. if you please.)

When you come to Kingdom Come, no matter where you come from, you'll leave a sum of cash behind. But keep in mind, that sum will come not only to some you specified in your will before you died. First in line are banks and shysters who have designs on your unspent investments. Debts must be paid before heirs can raid what they consider should be theirs.

And what about legal fees? What courts collect that, in effect, go to pay for filing fees, unresolved legacies and overseas bank accounts, amounts of gold hidden away or givin' away in anticipation of your demise?

What's your guess who will get the largesse of your estate you hate to share with Uncle Sam?

The measly millions the government takes may pay for a bomb or two to drop on Timbuktu or who knows where. maybe on you. Does anybody really care?


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