Saturday, February 23, 2008


A child is born. Another member of the human race takes its place with millions more who were not here two minutes ago. Finally he/she did arrive alive. Well? Time will tell. For now, there's only joy. Girl or boy? Black or white? Oriental? Planned or accidental? Elemental. A birth to add to family's history.

A child is born. Pure energy. It defecates. Urinates. Wakes, sleeps. Creeps, then crawls. Walks, talks, laughs, cries. Has father's nose, mother's eyes. Where did it get that curly hair? Skin so fair?

Until now we've called this child "it" No matter. She's a cutie. Will be a beauty. He's skinny now. He'll get fat on grandma's chicken soup. Depend on that. He'll trim down working out at the gym. You'll hardly recognize him.

Fear, fright, sleepless nights. Everything turns out right. He's OK. Be thankful for the day.

It's a daughter. Be glad you've got her. Girls are less risk of death by war, But if she has a son. Army will put a gun in his hand, send him to a foreign land. Command him to kill. He will.

Each child's a precious gift. Lift voices to the sky. Maybe He will heed your plea. End insanity. Save humanity!


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