Sunday, February 17, 2008


Hillary and her crew, the advisers who tell her what to do, must realize the prize she sought is all but lost. We could pay the cost of victory for the GOP if Hillary is our nominee.

By hook or crook, she'll cook the books to make her look like a winner. The fact is it would likely be the opposite. She might wind up the loser. It's time to face the fact the less experienced "beginner" is on the right track to turn back the GOP and win the presidency for we who put democracy above Hillary's selfish wish to be the wannabe. Obama is most likely to be the savour of our democracy.

With the possibility of victory fading rapidly for Hillary, it seems she'll do anything to swing the delegate numbers in her favor. She craves the presidency so intensely she can taste it and is willing to waste the opportunity her party can defeat the enemy.

The polls and the winning string of victories in the primaries are proof an overwhelming majority of democrats---and possibly independents and Republicans, too---favor the senator from Illinois. The GOP candidate---whoever he might be---would rather face Hillary on November 4.

With potential success knocking at our door we can't settle for either/or. With Hillary it could go either way. Obama's our best bet on Election Day.


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