Monday, February 18, 2008


Bush and his brood will soon be out, but have no doubt, his underlings will still be pulling the strings, Dubya's clones will set the tone. Through abuse and subterfuges they'll win more battles than they lose.

Dubya will still be the man without a plan, but how things pan out's not his concern. The Democrats will never learn they cannot spurn the powers that were when Bush was the Big Cheese. He'll still in there somewhere as the triumvirate---Cheney, Rove and Rice---run the show from stop to go. So what else is new?

The Congress of the Left will try to legislate as it's supposed to do, but the scamps in the enemy camp will block the changes when they can and, as Republicans, they will. It will be a hard pill for Democrats to swallow as they follow the enemy over the hill.

The Party in Power will find it hard to undo the crimes made legal and no matter how they try, the courts from the Supreme on down will screw 'em by giving the final word to the Theater of the Absurd.

Thanks to the pranks of the past, Bush will have the last laugh when all is said and little is done.


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