Thursday, February 21, 2008


John McCain's campaign is on the wane and, desperate to reduce the pressure and the strain, remain the leading contender as a member of the GOP, he's got to attack Barak, the apparent democratic candidate for president.

So what must he do to undermine the popularity and electability of this charismatic senator who, in all probability, will be his opponent for the post? Attack Barak where he's least qualified.

But what McCain must comprehend, success of a leader largely depends on advisers selected, Congressional compatriots elected, dedicated to a stated cause, the laws the president seeks to enforce, and of course, on how he uses the bully pulpit to make it all come together.

Success does not depend only on what the leader's won, but what gets done and how it serves the body politic. The trick? Surround the administration with the best brains in the nation. Fight for lower prices, devices to ease inflation, improve education, lessen contamination of the air, the waterways. These are issues that will raise praise and applause and further the cause of democracy and, in every way, the U.S. A,

We don't need more foreign woe, the status quo, the outward flow of our dough we must reject tired ideas that should have been expired long ago. We don't need John McCain who would retain the brainless Bush legacy, We need a push into the Twenty-first Century.

We need Barak Obama desperately.


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